CreativeLive wanted to create a content strategy to grow a new audience and offer a fresh lineup of new curriculum pathways and courses for the Money and Life channel.


We developed the three tiered approach focusing on celebrity instructors, content partnerships, and weeklong events within five content areas -- Writing, Personal Finance, Podcasting, Marketing and Self-Help. 


  • Recruited over 50 instructors and developed over 130 new classes in 15 months.

  • Writing Week was a 5 day long live broadcast that host 10 masters of the written word and made over 100k in sales with 50% new audience.

  • Social Media Week hosted some of the biggest names in Social Media. The event was a smash hit earning over 150k in sales with 40% new audience.  

  • Podcasting Week had an amazing lineup of 17 instructors from the podcasting world, who created some of the first courses in podcasting on the internet. There was 60% new audiences with 100k in sales.



Creative Development

+ Content Strategy
+ Curriculum Building
+ Course Developing


+ Instructor Recruitment
+ Relationship Building
+ Negotiated Contracts


+ Video Course Production
+ Live Event Production
+ Marketing Video Production

Top Courses

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Course Trailers

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