Are We a Good Match?


Work in the Education Biz?

We can bring the additional capacity you need to scale quality education productions. We can help you with every aspect of content development and production. We can also help you design new formats, recruit instructors and build content strategies.

Training at Your Company?

We can provide the expertise and bandwidth you and your team needs to develop, produce and launch impactful training programs — that achieve your goals and deliver your message in an actionable and entertaining way.

Ready to Sell Your Knowledge?

We can help you turn your knowledge into educational products. You don’t have to resort to time-consuming DIY efforts that lead to disappointing results. We’ll help you boost your professional image, change lives and build a sustainable business.

How We Work



We get to know your vision, your place in the market and your audience to develop a content strategy & creative approach that will amplify your mission.


We craft content outlines, design creative guides, build narratives, write scripts and hone stories. Our outcome based learning experiences are made to educate, entertain and inspire.


We manage the entire production process including recruiting subject matter experts, managing crews, coaching on-camera talent, finding guests, sourcing locations and leading the post-production process.


Our Packages

We Advise, You Execute

We develop a strategy that you can implement on your own.

Perfect if you need guidance:

  • Turning your knowledge into a digital product.

  • Looking to optimize your IP

  • Creating a subscription business

  • Developing an online course

  • Launching a product to market

    From $2,500

We Develop, You Produce

We help you build a content outline that you can produce on your own.

Perfect if you need help:

  • Defining Learning Outcomes

  • Building a Curriculum Strategy 

  • Completing a Course Outline

  • Developing Audience Engagement

  • Sharing the Right Stories

  • Building a Narrative Structure

    From $5,000

We Advise, Develop & Produce

We’ll design a strategy, develop and oversee all aspects of production.

Perfect if you need:

  • Course Outline Development

  • A dedicated producing team

  • On camera training and coaching

  • Broadcast quality production

  • Editing and Video Exporting

  • Expert Guidance throughout

    From $15,000

We offer these packages and customizable solutions