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Joyce Maynard : Writing Your Story

30 Years of Writing Translated into an Online Course

We teamed up with the celebrated writer Joyce Maynard to turn her 30 year writing career into an online course onnCreativeLive. She wanted to reach a new audience and build an alternative income source.

Her launch video has been viewed over 750,000 time and 24,000 people have taken her course


CreativeLive for Business


Online learning that develops employees as people.

CreativeLive needed a content strategy that stayed true to the companies DNA and was distinct from any other enterprise facing online education platforms.

We developed a content strategy and helped the CreativeLive team launch their new business unit. We signed over 30 content experts who created new classes in creativity, innovation, emotional intelligence and team building.

Bite-sized lessons in hospitality.

Typsy wanted to reimagine how hospitality skills are learned and develop course content that their members could access on the fly.

We worked with the Typsy team to develop curriculum pathways focused on food and beverage education, designed mobile first course formats, recruited instructors and produced ten courses filmed all over the world.


Fostering cultural exchange and mutual respect.

Couchsurfing.com was adding 1000’s of new members everyday and needed to educate their growing user base about community norms and standards. Who better to share that knowledge than power users from all over the world?

We worked closely with the Couchsurfing team to understand their goals and learn about their users.

We developed and produced a seven part education series that we filmed on five continents over a two month period.


Inspiring and educating an artist community.

When Minted launched a new product line, it was critical that their artist community had access to the latest design knowledge and ensure that their in-house production team received the right design files.

We worked the Minted to understand their objectives and produced a solution that solved their challenge with a two part video tutorial that we filmed and edited in two days.

The Metal School

A global school for welders.

Daniel Hester wanted to bring his local welding school to a global audience through high quality video. He wanted take students behind the welders mask and capture closeups of great welds on film.

We worked with him to strategize his business model. We developed and produced a fifteen part education series and helped him launch his online welding school.

Go Tape

Improve performance and stay well.

When Go Tape launched, the team wanted to ensure their customer were proficient with their Kinesiology tape applications.

We worked closely with the Go-Tape team and their subject matter expert to develop and produce a 20 part application tutorial series.